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Copyright and Terms of Use:

We get very happy when people reproduce and share our contents for social and ideological meanings! It is a pleasure and an honour seeing the cartoons and texts from “My Nerves” invading and circulating on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks! This kind of use is welcome and our politics is to stimulate readers and followers to keep doing that more and more!

The problem is using them commercially, changing its contents and appropiation of them, without the proper authorization. That we cannot allow!

“My Nerves” all its contents are exclusive property of the author, Solon Alberto do Rêgo Maia Neto, and its use or part of it for non social means must only be made with authorization of the owner or by agreement between the parties, for commercial or any other type of use. The improper and/or unauthorized of its contents may result in painsful and exhausting lawsuits, usually in favor of the author, and charged beyond simple refunding but also the procedural costs and moral damages. It is better for all that we avoid getting to this point!

“My Nerves” IS NOT licenced through Creative Commons. If you have any questions or doubts, get in touch by the following Thank you very much for visiting the Blog and for getting interested in our contents.

Translated by Dr. Rodrigo Alvarenga Nunes, Friend,
Orthopaedist and Traumatologist