The author

Solon Maia, Brazilian, born in Goiânia (Go) in 1981, has always been passionate by arts and cartoons. Grew up split between drawing and a traditional career, until he decided to embrace medicine because of its charm and stability as a profession.

In 2001, after trying entrance exams for 3 years in a row, he started Medical School at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), becoming a doctor in 2007 at 26. Worked as general practitioner in the Brazilian Air Force and also at the private and public healthcare system, both in capitals and up country and rural areas.

Rebelious with all the caotic situationhe found in Brazilian healhcare, he resumed his old passion, the art of drawing, and after 2011 created “My Nerves” (“Meus Nervos”), a cartoon blog in which he started to unburden and fight for his profession.

In 2012 he starded his Medical Residency in Orthopedy at Goiânia’s Urgencies Hospital (HUGO), at which he remained for only two months due to exploitation, moral harassment and things like that.

In 2014 he was approved at the Anesthesiology Medical Residency at Unievangélica in Anápolis, becoming an anesthetist in 2017. Nowadays he lives in Anápolis, where he works teaching anesthesiology residents and anesthetizing for cardiac surgeries.

The Blog

“My Nerves” came up in 2011, from the need the author had to unburden, tell his stories and fight for improvements within medicine in general. Along with that, there was still the old dream of becoming a cartoonist and working with cartoons.

His influences were as many as “Turma da Mônica”, Sandman, HellBoy, HellBlazer and many others. As the result of that, cartoon with a terror enviroment, kind of dark, with an acid humour and a supernatural style…

A really simple mythology, in which a young depressed and stressed out doctor can mysteriously comunicate with ghosts, God, the Death, the Devil and many other supernatural beings.

The Blog has been through a black and white fase, evolved with fillings with textures and hatches, gained colors at a more grotesque trace and, in the end, has this style you can see now, clearer, refined and more comic.

The old cartoons were more amateur and did not fit well with the identity the blog had become, so they were removed from the timeline, being available nowadays only in the restricted area for contributors. (Click here to know more about this)

Although the main focus is in the cartoons, “My Nerves” relies on a full range of texts, that came up according to the demand by part of the readers, and also due to relevant success some cartoons had by being published on the social media. As times go by, we hope there are interviews, newspaper columns and more contents for you! The goal is to always keep growing!

Translated by Dr. Rodrigo Alvarenga Nunes, friend, orthopedic and traumatologist